In the modern business landscape, managing contract workers’ timesheets and invoicing processes can be a cumbersome task, often riddled with manual entries, inefficiencies, and potential errors. For small to medium-sized businesses across various industries, this challenge can translate to wasted time, increased costs, and operational bottlenecks.

Enter Trakwork. Born out of the expertise of a seasoned recruitment company, Trakwork is tailored to address the unique needs of businesses employing contractors. This cloud-based work management solution not only automates timesheet entries and approvals but also effortlessly converts these timesheets into invoices with just a click. Gone are the days of contractors manually attaching timesheets or accounting teams tediously inputting data into internal systems.

But Trakwork offers more than just automation. It provides real-time dashboards, comprehensive time and work reports, billing automation, and the capability to generate quotes and purchase orders. What sets Trakwork apart from its competitors is its high customizability, ensuring it fits seamlessly into any company environment. Moreover, its wide range of integrations ensures that it can be fully integrated with your existing systems, providing an end-to-end solution from onboarding to project completion.

For contractors, hiring managers, and accounting teams, Trakwork promises a streamlined, efficient, and error-free experience. With 24×7 support available via online chat or call, we’re committed to ensuring your operations run smoothly. Choose Trakwork, and empower your business with a tool designed with your challenges in mind, offering solutions that drive efficiency and growth.

NextGen Talent Acquisition Portal (NGR or NGT)

In today’s fast-evolving No/Low-Touch economy, businesses are leaning towards more flexible, efficient, and DIY approaches, especially in recruitment. Traditional recruitment processes, often marked by lengthy chains of communication, can lead to delays and misinterpretations. Recognizing these challenges, we introduce NGR, a revolutionary Self-Serve Platform. NGR empowers hiring managers with direct access to pre-vetted candidates from our proprietary database, allowing them to define their ideal candidate profile through dynamic filters, akin to selecting pizza toppings. Whether it’s primary skills, years of experience, screening notes, or even a video pitch, hiring managers have the flexibility to customize their search. This not only reduces the time from search initiation to hiring by a staggering 40-50% but also offers candidates the opportunity to tag their availability, ensuring that hiring managers can secure the best talent. With NGR, the power to swiftly schedule interviews and streamline the hiring process is at your fingertips, echoing the simplicity of a retail checkout. Experience recruitment redefined, where candidates are brought closer to hiring managers, ensuring efficiency, flexibility, and precision.

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